Mary Azar

“Homes tell the stories of their owner’s unique personal journeys.”

Born and raised in Miami, Mary’s love for design was inspired from an early age by the city’s diverse culture and iconic architecture. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Florida International University, she embarked on a design study abroad program in 2001 in Florence, Italy, when her passion for interior design and architecture blossomed. The surrounding historic architecture, arts, fashion, and culture helped shape her perspective and motivated her to pursue her current position today, curating and designing alongside her family.

Mary, who has worked in the industry since 2002, has worked on a full spectrum of projects including an Italian-inspired Mediterranean estate in Coconut Grove, to a sexy beachfront bungalow in Puerto Rico, to a modern design aviation office in Miami Gardens, and an industrial bespoke New York City loft. Her central goal in design is to create timeless, lived-in environments which combine the old with the new, and bringing home each client’s unique personal journey. She gets inspiration from her favorite artists, such as Isamu Noguchi, Peter Beard, Vladimir Kagan, and Frank Gehry.

“We design for our clients, not for ourselves,” she says, “to bring their personality, story, and vision to life.”

A believer that travel inspires and educates the eye, Mary enjoys accompanying her husband to his native Argentina and exploring new countries across the globe, diving into the diverse cultures, architecture, food, people, fashion to fuel her creativity. Equally important, she says: “Mother Nature is a constant inspiration with its endless spectrum of colors, textures, and motion.”  

Mary lives in Coconut Grove with her husband and son. She enjoys entertaining and designing special evenings for family and friends.