Artwork roll of off-white paper with intentional holes
Bedroom 6-drawer dresser in color option storm
Beds off-white canopy bed with high headboard
Best Selling Products white chandelier made with thin wooden sticks on curved iron arms
Ceiling Lights Ceiling Lights

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Beyond providing contemporary, organic and one-of-a-kind globally curated pieces, Fine Line Furniture + Accessories provides a complete spectrum of interior design services. The family owned business, led by founder Emmy Bodnar and family members, Edward Bodnar, Brianna Bodnar Brown and Mary Azar, deploys a unique methodology based on developing a deep understanding of each client’s style, wants and needs, as well as their unique personalities. In this way, the team creates distinct residential and commercial environments that have heart and soul, capturing the essence of each client and maximizing the aesthetic and functional attributes of every space.

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