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Fine Line Furniture & Accessories is an upscale, boutique showroom providing contemporary, organic and one-of-a-kind globally curated pieces as well as interior design services. The family owned business is distinguished for its ability to create distinctive residential and commercial environments reflecting each client’s unique essence.

Notably, the independently owned company stands out for being brand agnostic and able to provide clients with unique, imaginative solutions incorporating incredible pieces from countless emerging and established brands across all points of the globe. The ability to source items from anywhere in the world is a key differentiator for Fine Line and part of the reason it has been a destination point for South Florida residents, designers, real estate brokers and commercial developers.

Established in 1986 by Emmy & Edward Bodnar, the company leverages a hand-selected network of trusted vendors and a team of highly acclaimed designers and decorators. The addition of Emmy’s family – Mary Azar in 2002, Brianna Bodnar Brown in 2004, and Edward Bodnar in 2007 – added further dimension to the design team as the company grew to meet a growing demand from its local and national clientele.

Beyond selecting items based on their appearance when curating the showroom, the Fine Line team adheres strictly to its brand standards,
which include quality, sustainability, and company history. Indeed, many of Fine Line’s vendors are domestic, eco-friendly and actively working toward the next design breakthrough.

Anyone who meets this dynamic family invariably hears a very special quote, which captures their unique spirit. As Emmy always says: “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. We like to push the limit.” Indeed, beyond Fine Line’s irresistible array of merchandise and white-glove client service, the team’s commitment to “push the limit” is part of the unique magic which has positioned them as the go-to partners for high-end, sophisticated residential and commercial projects.

Over the years, the forward-thinking family of designers has been featured extensively from Architectural Digest to The Miami Herald. In great measure, the family attributes its success to its ever-changing sense of style and its conviction that “fashion and interiors are parallels” and “our homes reflect our personal, social and cultural identities”. With this in mind, Fine Line saturates its showroom with a global array of timeless, sophisticated home décor that not only appeals to everyone, but also captures and conveys each client’s unique style.

Emmy Bodnar

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. We like to push the limit.”

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Brianna Brown

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

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Edward Bodnar

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

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Mary Azar

Homes tell the stories of their owner’s unique personal journeys.”

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Beyond providing contemporary, organic and one-of-a-kind globally curated pieces, Fine Line Furniture + Accessories provides a complete spectrum of interior design services. The family owned business, led by founder Emmy Bodnar and family members, Edward Bodnar, Brianna Bodnar Brown and Mary Azar, deploys a unique methodology based on developing a deep understanding of each client’s style, wants and needs, as well as their unique personalities. In this way, the team creates distinct residential and commercial environments that have heart and soul, capturing the essence of each client and maximizing the aesthetic and functional attributes of every space. Click here to book a design appointment.

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