Edward Bodnar is a Florida State University business school grad who could have pursued many career options, but says he had to do what is in his DNA. “Design is something you are born with,” he says. “I have many passions, but none as strong as my passion for design. I enjoy the fact that Fine Line enables me to what I love: use my creativity and attention to detail to bring people’s visions to life.”

Born into the industry and having grown up in it since his adolescence, Edward has always surrounded himself with family and friends who hold design as part of their philosophy in life.

Sharing his family’s passion for global travel, Edward has visited over 30 different countries and countless cities, towns, and villages throughout his lifetime. While he has been most impressed by Japan, each destination has had a unique impact on his life personally and professionally. He has taken cues from everything around him on these trips, which have helped shape his eye for design over the years.

Most important to Edward is ensuring the design solutions are timeless. “I have seen several styles come and go over the years and have built a strong sense for what is timeless, taking characteristics from all the previous trends. There is nothing more flattering when customers come in and tell us how they have had one of our pieces for a decade, and it is still one of their favorites in their home. I feel strongly about selling pieces that are timeless and have importance, telling a story.”

When he is not busy bringing his clients’ visions to life or traveling the world, Edward spends time at his home in Miami with his family and young daughter. “One of the things that excite me most is being able to someday share my love of travel and design with my daughter,” he says.