Colosso Woven Neoprene Hand Knotted Baskets

Color: Pearl Grey



25mm Yarn              

MATERIAL: Neoprene


Pearl Grey, Grey, Black


Our neoprene baskets are unique and timeless, entirely handmade in Italy, following traditional handcrafted techniques, like crochet, knots, macramè.
They take their contemporary character from the neoprene yarn, making them waterproof and pleasant to touch, useful to contain books, magazines, plants, flowers, fruits, toys, towels, soaps and so on.


The COLOSSO yarn which is our thickest gauge yarn available is only available in 3 colors. Black, Grey, and Pearl Grey.

*the pearl grey is the lighter grey of the two. 

Lead time is typically 3-4 weeks for delivery as they are produced in Italy

See if you spot the piece styled on our Instagram



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