Love Your Home Again

Love Your Home Again

We’ve all been there. Suddenly your bedroom, bathroom or even your entire home seems boring and dull.  You look around and nothing excites you.  Those items that you loved so much look old and weathered and you get the feeling that you need to do a major makeover.  Let’s face it our home is really an extension of our personality, and just as we change and grow, so should our home. It is a reflection of who we are at this point in our lives

In a perfect world, with limitless time and money we could redesign our home every year. But in the real world, if we are lucky, we may have time to check out a few stores and switch out a few items.  Unfortunately, this often feels rushed and we don’t get the flow or look that we were going for. The internet is a fantastic tool for buying what you already know that you want, but when you are not sure, it can become overwhelming and you can get trapped in the black hole of internet searches and guided advertisements.

As a showroom and design firm that has been in business for over 30 year’s we have some tricks up our sleeve that can help you make the changes that you are looking for. Obviously, we can do a full overhaul for you but we also pride ourselves on educating and helping our clients with their creative side.  That being said here are a few expert recommendations that will help you transform your space and “Love your Home again”.


Change the Wall Color/Texture

What would make the biggest impact in your room if you changed it?  Most people would answer the couch, or the artwork, or another large furniture piece in the room. And although these choices would make a huge difference, changing a wall color or wall texture can make an even bigger impact.  These days Wall Papers, Paint Colors, and Paint Textures are limitless and some of the options out there are more like art than actual art.  Wallpaper for one is really making a comeback. It began flooding the interiors scene in 2018 and there is no end in sight.  This year you will see a slew of bold wall prints and colors in design magazines and fashion sites from all over the world. In fact, it is currently listed on the Pinterest 2019 trends report.  The beauty of the Wallpaper comeback is that you get dramatic results, it is not a lot of work to install, there are many resilient options, and it is not a long-term relationship if you don’t want it to be.  There are even some wallpapers that are made to be temporary and easily removeable.  What’s better than that?  Similar to wallpaper, wall texture can revolutionize a room.   Although Color is usually the first thing that we think of in regard to paint, texturizing a wall can create character and depth in the most lack luster of rooms.  Even those color adverse decorators can reap the benefits of a newly textured wall. Differences in technique, thickness, and color can achieve a look that amplifies any design style. Take a look at Houzz or Pinterest for contemporary venetian or concrete textures.



Change the Lighting

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting.  It seems like an obvious tip but when was the last time you really looked at yours.  And I’m not only talking about the lamp or chandelier but the light bulb that’s actually in it. Different shades of light change the look of colors in your room. A blue pillow can look more green under one light shade and more grey under another.  The lighting you have in your room is just as important as what you have in it.  Lighting has really changed in the last decade and the assortment of options is amazing. Have you been to Home Depot or Lowes lately? You should check out their interactive lighting displays. You can see all shades of lighting available and side by side so you can really see the difference.  Did you know that each type of light bulb produces a different shade of light and that some bulbs are better used in certain areas of your home then others. Having the right light is essential to the overall ambiance of a room.



Now don’t be scared of the word Artwork. This home tip does not mean that you have to break the bank.  When people think of artwork they usually think of a gallery and the price tag that comes with it but there are many options out there that are way more affordable.  Boutique home stores for one usually carry unique artwork done by local artists. You can find these “one of a kind” pieces and take them home with you that very day. Total Instant Gratification and you are supporting a starving artist. There are also online companies that offer printed artwork on canvass and/or paper.  Because it is a printed copy and not a painted original they can produce them at very reasonable prices and at a variety of sizes to accommodate any room or color scheme.  This can also be done with a favorite photo of yours.  There are many local and/or internet companies that will take your photo and blow it up to the size you need.  Bigger is better when it comes to artwork.  One large piece behind a sofa can change the entire style of your room.

Wall Play is another fun option that we love to use.  Wall play is the use of 2-D items that can be organized together to form an artistic installation. There are many fantastic options out there and with its growing popularity we will see new ideas popping up everywhere.  One example and a personal favorite are origami like papers that can be hung on a wall for a sculptural effect.  There are also wire boxes that hang from nails or even glass tubes that you can fill with real or artificial plants. Your possibilities are endless and most of the time very cost effective. 


Whether you choose one of these methods or all, I assure you, you will be happy with the results.  The key is not to get overwhelmed and make the changes that will really impact your room.  One smart change it worth a thousand little ones.